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By automating routine tasks and streamlining processes, AI technology can help you save valuable time and resources. With our AI tools, you don't have to sacrifice quality for efficiency. Our advanced algorithms ensure that your work is accurate and reliable, so you can focus on what really matters.


AI-powered content creators can help you generate high-quality content for your tasks within minutes. Based on your input, our tool will create unique and engaging content for you. Write emails, professional letters, social media posts, correct spelling/grammar mistakes, and translate languages in minutes.

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Image Creator

AI-powered image creator can help you generate stunning visuals without any design skills. Auto Image Creator is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that can automatically generate high-quality images based on your text input. Create stunning images that are tailored to your brand and messaging.

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Audio Files to Text

An AI-powered tool that can automatically transcribe audio files into text format. Using advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP), AI Audio File to Transcription can accurately convert audio files into written text, saving you time and effort.

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Hire a BOT under $20/month

IMUD Connections Premium Services

An Automated BOT (Software) that can do automated routine tasks, repeat automated repetitive tasks, send/receive documents (emails, faxes) as per schedule, look into social media data, create/post engaging content that resonates with followers, provide valuable insights on documents, finances, bank account details, social media analytics, employees efficiency/attendance details and many more.

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